Brussels, 27/11/2023 (Agence Europe) – AGRICULTURE: industrial emissions - European Parliament Agriculture Committee rapporteurs advocate status quo on livestock farming

28 Nov 2023

In an opinion editorial published on Monday 27 November, the rapporteurs on behalf of the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee argued in favour of excluding cows from the scope of the directive on industrial emissions and maintaining the current rules for pig and poultry farms (see EUROPE 13281/11).
On the eve of the resumption of inter-institutional negotiations on the proposal on industrial emissions, Benoît Lutgen (EPP, Belgian), Jérémy Decerle (Renew Europe, French) and Paolo De Castro (S&D, Italian) believe that the directive on industrial emissions applied to livestock could require solutions from large-scale industry.
“Animals in closed barns and devices to purify the air in these barns. The cost of this installation on an existing barn is around €50,000. The costs could reach €1 million, according to MEPs. “It goes without saying that only large commercial operations can achieve this,” the authors of the opinion editorial explain.
They add that the European agricultural model has always been based on risk diversification. With the current proposal, however, the European Commission “would be pushing for ever greater concentration and standardisation”.
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